I am a strong believer in eating as clean as you can. I am not a nutritionist, I just have an interest in nutrition and I do love trying out new ideas in my kitchen.

I try and follow a primal diet as much as possible. “primal” and “paleo” can be considered interchangeable but the Primal way of living is a little more relaxed on saturated fats and some forms of dairy. If you want to find out more information on these types of diets, these are my “go to” blogs/websites that I follow for both.

1) Primal Palate

2) Paleo Mom

Please note that I do not follow either one of these religiously, I just try and make wise choices and plan my meals when I can. I do have a ridiculous sweet tooth!!! Always have since I was a little girl. It is a bit of a problem, I know… So I love to get into the kitchen with my daughter and get messy. Sometimes it will be regular baking with flour and sugar and other times it will be a lovely healthy treat for the whole family.

This page will build into a recipe index as I upload more recipes. I hope you enjoy this page and I would love to hear how the recipes turned out in your kitchen.

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