New Year, new beginnings

So, 2016 has rolled around and I have spent some time thinking about how I intend to spend the year. I took some time away from the blog, not because I wasn’t enjoying it… because actually, I love this little space I have created but because I wanted to re-evaluate this little site. I do find it challenging to keep writing regular posts while at the same time juggling work and family life. I was seriously considering letting the blog go because I felt that if I couldn’t post regularly, then I wasn’t doing this whole blog thing right…

We celebrated the New Year in Cornwall this year. Just the 3 of us… which is a first and honestly, it was great! We spent some wonderful time together as a little family. We ate fish and chips at Rick Stein’s fish and chip restaurant in Padstow. Walked the beaches in Fowey and explored the Eden project. Most of all, we spoke about the new year, our goals, dreams and wishes as a family.

I decided that I love blogging and wanted to keep the site. I need to allocate more time to doing this which I hope to do this year. I have begun planning posts already as well as having a think about some of the messages I want to put out there this year. What’s my ethos? And how best do I get these messages across? I also realised that the blog should really be anything I want it to be. It is by me for me, well… at least it is for now. It’s an archive of some of my happiest moments and I am fond of this little space.

Aside from this, I have decided to focus on other areas of my life such as my health and eating clean. Focusing on our house and doing up the some of the rooms that have been lacking attention. We also want to travel a bit this year and we have a list of some of the places we would like to visit. So this year is looking good. Exciting even. So here is to 2016. May it be a year full of adventure, love and excitement!



7 thoughts on “New Year, new beginnings

  1. Jacqui says:

    So glad you’re continuing with the blog. I look forward to your future blogs.

    May I suggest you add links, where possible. Especially to places you visit. Firstly it gives credit to them but more important it allows visitors to explore these places online


    • candsmay says:

      Thanks Jax. I’m glad I am continuing too. If I am reviewing a particular place such as restaurant, campsite, farm or activity I will definitely add a link. But yes, good point. I’ll be sure to add more as I go. Thanks xx


  2. Anthony says:

    I hope you continue writing Candace. Your deeply personal view is a joy to read. And motherhood (I’ve read your other posts 😉) is full of things you can learn from, even if, like us, you aren’t blessed to have children. This is, as you described it to me today, a personal space. And there isn’t a need to be pressurised to write at a pace you think your readers will be satisfied with. It is here to satisfy your need to share, learn and explore. Perhaps you’re right. A blog is, perhaps what I need too. I started a year ago to write morning pages. After reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. A marvellous and incredibly insightful book I highly recommend reading. I got to a point where career took over everything. And my life had become just that. I had ignored my other passions, the things that are part of my identify. I had a major burnout. Being in recovery now, and doing my morning pages religiously (for me) helped open my mind and my heart to much more. I found energies that I didn’t know existed, I set boundaries, and ultimately am on a road, of self-re-discovery. Cliche as it may sound, but I do think it something that only us thirty-something-year-olds face. So, you have a long while until you reach that phase in your life. But when you do, embrace and charge on, head first! Meanwhile, write when you feel the need. This is for you, your time, not ours.


    • candsmay says:

      Thanks friend! I’ll have a look for “The Artist’s way”. As a mum, sometimes your identity is defined by being exactly that, a mum (or in your case…work) that is why I was determined to go back to work and why I decided to keep the blog. It makes me happy and it’s mine. It helps me to remind myself that being a mum is wonderful but I have many things I am excited about and that I should enjoy doing those things too. 😊


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