The Mother Lode of All Tantrums

If you ever thought you were alone when it comes to your toddler putting on an incredible performance, well I can assure you…you are not.

Emily’s tantrum last night was certainly something to behold. I was busy cooking dinner and she likes to play this little game… where she dresses her doll up, packs her bag and knocks on the kitchen door to drop Rosie (her doll) off at school (I’m the teacher) and heads off to “work”. It’s a cute game and I enjoy playing it with her. She was taking a while so I opened the door and stuck my head around to see where she was… Well, I don’t know why, but this made her so upset she slumped to the floor and began to cry. “Sorry Emi, come knock on the door” I say to her…that seemed to offend her even more. So I figure, OK… a bath may help. I get her in but now she refuses to brush her teeth, normally I can brush her teeth for her once she is out the bath and in her towel… when I attempted to do this well she screamed so loud I thought she was actually going to make herself sick. I cuddled her a bit to see if I could calm her, nope…nothing worked. In the end, I lay her on her bed, cuddled her, gave her a kiss and said she must call me if she needs me. She lay there for about 15 minutes having a good cry and she then called out “Mamma, I are ready!”

By this time daddy had arrived home which offered a distraction and she then calmed down. Sjoe!! I needed a glass of wine after that!

As I think back, I could have done a few things differently to change the situation or handled some aspects of her tantrum better but also on reflection, I think she just needed a good cry. Most of us hold our kids to an incredibly high standard. Sometimes higher than we could ever achieve ourselves and we forget that they are little humans with emotions and feelings. I know I have been guilty of doing this! But as a “grown up” (as she likes to call us) I realise that I have my days where I am in a bad mood, I am snappy, miserable and sometimes sulk in a corner and cry.

If us as adults do this regularly, how on earth can we expect our children not to? I am on this journey of discovery and there are many lessons I am learning along the way but one thing I have leant is to show some understanding to my little girl and let them know that you are there for them through thick and thin.

This morning was like nothing had happened and she was back to her happy, lively and playful self. Nothing a good cry can’t fix eh?

Thanks Emily for teaching me about humility and to watch myself and my actions but also, thanks Emi for being you!

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