Reminiscing 1995

With the clash of the titans tomorrow, it certainly feels very reminiscent of the day before the final in 1995. It’s a big game and no matter if we win or lose, once again… this game is bringing the country together and that makes me proud to be a South African.

So with this in mind, I thought I would spend a little bit of time back in 1995 and I thought you may want to come with me! Some of the things I remember about that time were…

The films I watched
I am a BIG film fan and to be honest, I have not watched a new film in almost a year (the sad truth of being a parent!) but I spent a lot of my teenage years at the cinema and the films I recall watching in ’95 are Toy Story, Braveheart and Seven. Loved them all and I have actually watched each of these a second and maybe even a third time!

The television shows
Some of the greatest TV shows came from that time and I was obsessed with Friends, ER and X-Files. I can still hear the X-files theme song in my head!

And… Oprah looked like this!


Miss South Africa
This was the year that Bernelee Daniell won the pageant. I absolutely love her! She is now a mom and business woman and is known for her work with the charity STEPS which raises awareness and money for people with clubbed feet which she was actually born with!


I may have dressed like this… T-shirt under strappy dresses and the dungarees which, surprisingly, seems to come back into fashion every now and then…

James Small
Well, he was the flavour of the year for sure and I may have been known to have a small school girl crush on him. I recall in the lead up to the final game in ’95, the Springboks made appearances at various restaurants, My mom took me to meet him and she bought a bunch of flowers for me to give to him. I thought she was crazy and dismissed the idea immediately. I mean… who gives a rugby player built like a brick shit house a bunch of flowers!! We got to the front of the queue, I shook his hand and blushed… my mom gave him the flowers and wished him luck for the game. He then leaned over the counter, thanked her and gave her a kiss… A KISS!!!… ON THE LIPS!!! Arrrggg!! How did she know!!! I did not speak to her for the rest of the day.


Winning the trophy
Of course, this happened…


When Joel Stransky scored that drop goal in extra time, my gran dropped to her knees and cried with sheer joy, my mom pretty much sobbed the entire match and I ran outside into the streets which came alive with people everywhere, hugging each other, crying and spraying beer everywhere. There were parties in the streets until late that night. As a girl who knew very little of the massive impact this would have for my country, I still felt the shift and it felt great!

The 1995 Springboks are here in London and will be running 2 miles around the city on Saturday morning and have invited everyone to join them. It will begin at 07.30 from Trafalgar square. I wish I could go but we have ballet class for Emily which she looks forward to but if you do go, please share your experience…

So, while I bring myself back to the present, I can’t help but feel that we all need this match. A renewed unity for us all to show the world what true ubuntu means. Of course I want us to win, like I did in 1995 but coming together, sharing the experience with each other with love and acceptance… That is true winning! So good luck Boks, the nation is behind you.

Where were you in ’95, I’d love to hear!

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