My Favourite Things

Everybody has them… those little things in their lives that bring them so much joy. That piece of jewellery, that item of furniture that you bought that you love or the handbag that you spent a months salary on. These are MY favourite things.

My bed
This sits at the top of the list for good reason…some wise person told me that the majority of your life will be spent at work or in bed, make both places great places to be! This is so true!! When we bought our house we decided to buy a really good quality mattress which we love. I adore our White Company, Egyptian cotton linen that feels so cool and luxurious. We have a down duvet and pillows and the most decadent aspect of our bed is our down mattress protector from The White Company. This was a gift from my sister in law and it is thicker than our duvet! Getting into bed at the end of the day is like a beautiful, feathery hug! What more could you ask for really…

Artwork from our travels
We always try and purchase a piece of art when we travel. We have recently hauled all the paintings out from their storage place and decided to display them. I love how artwork turns a house into a home and each piece has a story. I look at each of them and I am reminded of some of the wonderful places we have been to and the memories we have created there.

My fragrances
I have many fragrances but these 3 are my favourite. The Davidoff, Cool Water is my “go to” summer fragrance. It is cool, fresh and floral. Dolce and Gabbana, The One is my winter/evening fragrance. It is warm and exotic and suits a cold winters day or an evening out, perfectly. My Clarins, Eau Ressourcante is my every day fragrance. I love this fragrance because it is subtle enough for everyday use and I have been known to actually wear it underneath other fragrances. These 3 are the ones I use the most… as you can see by the almost empty bottles!! (at least my birthday and Christmas is coming up! *hint, hint*)


Charm bracelets
I received my own lovely bracelet as a gift from my bestie on my 30th. At the time, I had spoken to her about my mothers bracelet and how wonderful it was and how I wished I could get it back (long story…). When I opened my little box and saw the new bracelet with the “C” on it, I immediately got all teary! Since then, I have managed to get my mothers bracelet back and my sister and I chose which charms we wanted. I have now given her our mother’s original bracelet with the cleaned and polished charms that she chose. The remainder of the charms will be put on a new bracelet and worn by me with pride and joy. Its amazing how one small item can produce so much emotion.

Our garden
So much hard work, love and attention has gone into our garden. Matthew has done most of the work and I love him for it. I don’t have very green fingers but I love beautiful spaces so when I told Matthew what I saw our garden looking like, he turned what I had in my head into reality. Honestly, this is the best “room” in the house.

The Nespresso machine
I am a lover of all things coffee but I am quite fussy. I like freshly brewed coffee and the stronger the better. Our Nespresso machine offers us the opportunity to have fresh coffee at our finger tips. We love this little wonder and can’t remember our pre-Nespresso days… No instant coffee here, people!!

Of course, there are so many more favourite things, I could go on for days. Emily’s bedroom with all her little trinkets is such a happy space, some of my books including Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and the Ken Follett collection.

Other special pieces of my late mother’s jewellery that remind me so much of her. My beautiful Carol Boyes serving spoon and salad servers. My lovely big dining room table for family meals and dinner parties… the list goes on. It is great to look around you and feel appreciation for the lovely things you have worked hard to buy, the memories that some items bring back for you and the beautiful pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. What are your favourite things?