Body Shaming – It’s a shame really…

I was looking through my Facebook home page, catching up on the activities of friends and family when I stumbled across an advert for a gossip magazine that said “Hot celebrities that have ugly spouses!!” and there was a picture of Pierce Brosnan and his beautiful wife Keely Shaye… I couldn’t quite figure out who they were saying was ugly?? I soon realised that they were referring to Keely because she has gained weight… I mean, who could love a gorgeous curvy girl like her?? Well the answer to that is very clear on Pierce Brosnan’s Instagram account… He can!! (Yes, I follow him because to me, he is the best James Bond!! But, that is another debate for another day)


*Above picture taken from Pierce Brosnan’s Instagram*

I felt like I could relate to her a little. Weight issues and being health conscious is something I am constantly struggling with. It is like a thorn in my side and my freedom all wrapped up in one annoying package. When I do well and feel great… Woohoo!! the world is my oyster and anything is possible. When I feel a bit meh and look in the mirror, judging every blemish and roll, I feel terrible. And believe me, no one can say things that I have not already said to myself and far worse! I have come to realise that there is no “destination” as such when it comes to living a healthy life style. You don’t “arrive”. It is something that you work on every single day. Making smart choices and doing your best for you (first of all) and for your family. And although there seems to be a rising-up of people against all this shaming nonsense, I am so acutely aware of the messages I am sending out about myself and woman in general because I want to be a role model for Emily and I want her to grow up feeling confident about who she is and the way she feels about herself.


There was an advert campaign in the UK for a diet supplement that had such strong reactions against the billboard, the advert was actually banned. Initially, I was shocked by everyone’s reaction but in retrospect, I think many people are tired of feeling like if they are anything less than perfect, they are simply not good enough. Stylist Magazine wrote an article on it which also brought out different views but I think the gist of the backlash was that no one wants to feel inferior any more. And I am not saying that you shouldn’t be realistic! The “This Girl Can” campaign is great!! and it encourages you to get up and get moving. I can see things in myself that do need to change and I am working on it and that is the point… I am working on it. As long as I continue to take those small steps I will see the rewards at some point. It is a journey and I feel grateful to be working my way through it, as frustrating as it can be sometimes. At some point, we all need to be kind to each other and learn to love ourselves for who we are.

Well, at least I know that is what MY hope is for my beautiful, amazing, impressionable daughter.

2 thoughts on “Body Shaming – It’s a shame really…

  1. Michelle Kotze says:

    You will always be her most influentual example and role model- and by the sounds of it- a good one at that- you are both beautiful in every single way- from a Aunties heart and a Sisters heart I Say- WELL DONE! xxxxx

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